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Top 100 IT Industry Blogs

Blogging would not even exist if it were not for IT professionals collaborating, reviewing, and outdoing each other on a constant basis. Before, it was a behind the scenes process. No longer with the emergence of blogs. To get the best in information technology blogs, stop by the below top 100 IT industry blogs by companies, corporations, professionals, and those who just outright love the business.

Top IT Industry News Blogs

Never miss out on another new release, merger, or shut down by keeping on top of IT headlines with these blogs.

    1. Information Week: Get the latest in the business value of technology here. Sections include news, software, security, Global CIO, and much more.

    2. CNET News: With several technology headlines a day, this site is worth a look. You can also specify by latest, business, green, wireless, and other news.

    3. eWeek: Get research and enterprise analysis, along with news and product reviews here. A standout feature of the site is the Best of The Week story and Buyer’s Guide.

    4. Computer Weekly: This leading IT site has tons of blogs to choose from. Topics include projects, politics, security, and more as it relates to IT.

    5. Wired Blogs: Choose from twelve different technology related blogs for everything from automotive to counter terrorism. Be sure not to miss GeekDad for fun ways to get the kids involved in tech.

    6. Read Write Web: RWW is a blog that provides analysis of web products and trends. Popular posts include a computer repair kit you can run from a thumb drive and the top ten international products of 2008.

    7. TechBlips: Get ratings on the top in technology news, videos, and blogs. Stories move up and down in a Digg like manner, and the most popular of the week are featured.

    8. Maximum PC: Also a magazine, they have the latest in reviews, features, news, and how to’s. Recent entries are on freeware and an optical computer that performed the first mathematical operation.

Top IT Industry Official Blogs

Read the blogs of blue chip and cornerstones in the IT industry here.

    9. Hot News: This section of the Apple site has the latest in Mac, iPhone, and more. A recent entry even posted Apple’s answers to the FCC’s questions.

    10. Microsoft Community Blogs: Read blogs by Microsoft employees on the Xbox, IE, Windows, and more. You can also watch short videos on the latest in technology.

    11. The Official Blog of LG: Based in the U.K., this company manufactures an impress array of IT products. Get updates on their new releases, along with posts on design, innovation, and technology.

    12. Google Blogs: Start with the official Google blog, containing insights to products, technology, and the culture. Then move onto others such as Google Mail or Mac.

    13. Oracle Blogs: Here Oracle executives, employees, and non-employees exchange views about best practices for using Oracle and industry-standard technologies. Choose from technology network, executive, or an application blog.

    14. Adobe Blogs: Stop here for the latest updates from the makers of software such as Reader, Photoshop, and others. A recent entry examined how their products help in the healthcare industry.

    15. Yahoo! Search Blog: Get the latest in search technology updates from Yahoo! One of the latest posts showed how to make more of SearchMonkey.

Top IT Industry Community Blogs

A variety of IT professionals in the industry blog on all aspects of the subject.

    16. eWeek Blogs: Get watchdog blogs on just about every topic in IT from Apple to emerging technologies here. There are also blogs for careers, insiders, and hackers.

    17. IW Blogs: Choose from tons of blogs from this leading IT news provider. Categories include information management, unified communications, analytics, and much more.

    18. O’Reilly Media: A popular IT site, they have several blogs that are updated regularly. Popular topics include Apache, Ruby, Open Source, Python, and more.

    19. Tech Crunch: Check out the company index for the latest news. You can also read the latest entries on Twitscoop, life recorders, and more.

    20. Techdirt: This blog features the latest in technology news with an edge from contributors such as the can-you-say-moral-panic-guy and the how-nice-of-them department. They pull no punches and often post on misuse of technology.

    21. Techmeme: A virtual online newspaper, they focus on all things tech. View by top stories, newest, and specialty blogs on specific topics.

    22. Popular IT Blogs: This blogging community has many to choose from, but lists its most popular here. Currently the top three discuss tech architecture, Oracle, and IBM.

    23. IT Knowledge Exchange Tech Blogs: Get blogs by both members and the editorial staff here. 33 other blogs cover everything from the business end to improving your career.

Top IT Industry Blogs From A Leader

From CEOs to those who have gone on to found their own IT companies, learn how they did it by reading their blogs.

    24. Geek In Disguise: Steve is currently the self described “cloud computing guy” at Microsoft and has been there for twelve years. Get the latest updates on what he is up to, along with useful tips and recommendations.

    25. Bob Parson’s Personal Blog: He is the founder and CEO of Go Daddy and keeps a video blog. With 29 episodes and counting, watch for useful information and pretty girls.

    26. The Jason Calacanis Weblog: Jason is the CEO of Mahalo.com and co-founder of Weblogs, Inc. In addition to the blog posts on IT and items that interest him, Jason also has a podcast.

    27. cnewmark: Craig Newmark is the man behind the internet sensation Craigslist. Posts are on daily life and appearances, as well as useful information.

    28. Blog Maverick: This is the blog of famous billionaire, Mark Cuban. IT focused posts are scarce, but it is still worth a read for its leadership information.

    29. CIO Blog: Peter is the IT Director of a U.K. based company. Categories of his blog include strategy, business alignment, and a personal diary.

    30. CIO Blogs and Discussion: This site contains a roster of over 100 of the most insightful thinkers in IT. Entries are divided into questions, best practices, rants, and a soapbox.

    31. David Overton’s Blog: Another Microsoft employee, he is the ISV Partner Account Manager. Although posts are sparse, the ones that answer questions from readers are particularly interesting.

    32. Technometria: Phillip Windley is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Kynetx in Utah. Recent entries include Google, KRL, and innovation.

    33. Jonathan Schwartz’s Blog: He is the CEO of Sun Microsystems. He often lets time pass between blog entries but is still worth a read.

Top IT Industry Company Blogs

Whether you’ve heard of them or not, these companies still have a lot to blog on in the IT industry.

    34. Capgemini: Headquartered in Paris, they provide consulting, technology, outsourcing, and local professional services. Entries often link to various items of IT interest.

    35. Speed Communications: Information Technology clients at this leading PR firm range from world leaders to start-ups. Wadds and Steve blog on both IT and PR.

    36. Monster Blog: This IT giant helps people find jobs through the internet. It is written by Jane Allerton, a marketing professional with global experience in the pharmaceutical, engineered materials and IT industries.

    37. PlusNet: This company provides home and business broadband internet and phone services in the U.K. Categories of the blog include services, gaming, industry news, innovation, and more.

    38. Digg the Blog: Find out what’s hot on the internet and in IT with this site. It features company updates, research, and new features.

    39. DELL Community: Choose from blogs such as Inside Enterprise IT or Dell TechCenter here. Categories include business strategy, hot topics, ideas in action, and others.

    40. The Windows 7 Team Blog: Technically part of a corporation, you can find the latest developments on this platform by stopping here. There are also other Windows blogs to read including Mobile, Vista, Security, and more.

Top IT Industry Women’s Blog

A male dominated industry, women also have many interesting things to say about IT.

    41. Eileen’s Technology Blog: She is the CEO of Amastra and a geek who knows about unified communications. Eileen recently left a job at Microsoft to begin this new company and blogs all about it.

    42. Caterina.net: This is the blog for the co-founder of the popular photo site, Flickr. See what she is up to now, including her new project, Hunch.

    43. Ning Blog: Gina Bianchini, the co-founder and CEO of Ning, occasionally posts on the blog. You can exclusively read hers or those of the entire blogging team.

    44. What’s Happening at Pixel Qi: Stop here to get the blog for Mary Lou Jepsen’s, founder and CEO of this company. Get updates on the company, as well as tips for utilizing their products.

    45. Alicia Morga’s Blog: Her innovative company pairs leading companies with Hispanic consumers on the web. Entries worth reading include “Why I Do What I Do” and “Dirty Little Secrets.”

    46. The Get Smart Blog: The women at GSW consulting help their clients create an online presence to a targeted audience. Categories on the blog include business, marketing, motivation, and technology.

    47. Behind the Buzz: Another blog that shows you how to use technology for marketing, it is authored by Kori, a highly published freelance writer. She often blogs on how other businesses are utilizing the web for promotional uses.

Top IT Industry Section Blog

These leading sites have a special section, or are entirely devoted to, information technology. 

    48. Digits: This blog by “The Wall Street Journal” delivers breaking news and insights about the technology landscape, including interviews with newsmakers, product news, and strategic moves. Current popular stories include Facebook focused startups.

    49. Technology Review: Published by M.I.T., a leading information technology school, they have blogs for computing, web, communications, and more. The site also has a community and videos.

    50. Bits: Writers for “The New York times” blog a steady stream of news and analysis on the technology industry throughout the day. Hot bits currently include adults and Twitter, along with an iPhone app for free texting.

    51. Gadgetwise: Another blog from “The New York times,” they focus on everything related to buying and using tech products. Categories of this blog include mobile tech, personal computing, home entertainment, and digital photography.

    52. The Register: An independent U.K. online publication, they bite the hand that feeds IT. Recent news includes the anticipated release date of the new Firefox and a T-Mobile merger.

    53. Nerd World: Contributors from “TIME” magazine blog on geek culture, including technology. A popular blog entry deals with paper vision and the future of literature.

    54. Technology Blog: This one is authored by the staff of “The Guardian.” Popular entries include the latest in Apple news and an online board game.

    55. Technology: Get blog posts on the business and culture of the digital life from the “L.A. Times.” The latest entries are on Apple, AOL, and Konami.

    56. BBC Internet Blog: Senior staff from the BBC’s online and technology teams discuss issues and technology. Get updates to what this leading international network has coming up here.

Top IT Industry Security Blog

A field many IT professionals go into, learn the latest in security via these blogs.

    57. Schneier on Security: Bruce is an internationally renowned security technologist who has been referred to as the “security guru.” Blog entries include cryptography, op eds, and more.

    58. David Lacey’s IT Security Blog: Hosted by Computerweekly.com, the blog contains the latest ideas and practices involving managing IT security. Posts are on interesting topics such as single point failures and the lack of online banking security.

    59. Security Now!: Listen to this podcast to get weekly tips on how to keep your IT network safe. One of the most recent episodes involved a break in and hack of one of the most secure voting machines in the U.S.

    60. View From The Bunker: Get a blog about security and availability from the people at Symantec. Choose from options such as a keep your data safe tool or the top web threats in the history of the internet.

    61. SANS Blogs: They are a company that provides information security training and certification worldwide. Choose from blogs on application security, e-discovery, IT audit, security leadership, and Windows security.

    62. Security Focus: Several bloggers focus on incidents, viruses, pen-tests, and firewalls. A recent entry dealt with malicious PDF files.

    63. Logblog: Security threats, data leaks, and the like are the specialty of this company. Get updates on IT and security by checking out the blog.

    64. Get Safe Online: A blog by a website of the same name, they give news, tips, and updates from the security world of IT. Although they can sometimes go a month in between entries, it is still useful for everyday internet safety.

    65. Published Scoops: More of an IT security updater than a blog, it gets over 570,000 views monthly. Read the most popular headlines, or check out the information on exploits, hackers, and consultants.

Top IT Industry Podcasts

The IT industry invented podcasts, so it’s no surprise that they also utilize them.

    66. This Week in Tech: This podcast stands out for it impressive array of guests. They also have the latest news in Mac, Windows, Google, and much more.

    67. IT Conversations: Experts in the IT industry stop by this show every week to discuss a different topic. There are also podcasts for CHI, CN, and social innovation.

    68. Tech Podcast Network: Browse through a variety of tech minded podcasts on this network. Choices include podcasts on software, network administration, cloud computing, and more.

    69. Diggnation: Stop here for a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top digg.com social bookmarking news stories. Alex and Kevin gab on a variety of topics from technology to the guy related.

    70. MacLife: Part of a blog of the same name, this podcast features everything Mac related from news to product reviews and tips. Recent entries dealt with Snow Leopard and the tablet.

    71. No BS Podcast: This podcast focuses on all things PC. Recent episodes were on Windows 7 upgrades and the new Rage chip.

    72. Green IT: Merge the worlds of information technology and environmental awareness with this webcast from InfoWorld. They also have other business focused webcasts on applications, careers, cloud computing, and more.

    73. CEO Guide to Technology: This monthly podcast series from “Business Week" highlights innovation in areas like next-generation web applications, IT security, and even podcasting. They also have many other business minded podcasts with more IT information.

    74. V3.co.uk: Formerly VNU, they have a ton of audio and video on IT. Most watched include a showcase of Window 7 and a test of the iPhone 3GS.

    75. Healthcare IT Podcast: Get information on information technology as it relates to the healthcare industry in this podcast. The latest episodes discuss the ARRA and tech in military hospitals.

Top Fun IT Industry Blogs

If you don’t already love IT, you will after visiting these blogs.

    76. Lifehacker: Visit this popular site for the IT way to get things done. Highlights include brilliant how to guides, deal hacks, and tech updates.

    77. The Onion: “America’s finest news source,” they also have fake news in science and technology. Get hilarious stories on various CEOs, applications, makers of tech, and more.

    78. Slashdot: Get news for nerds and other stuff that matters in IT here. In addition to topics such as Apple and hardware, you can also get entries on book reviews, games, and science.

    79. Funny or Die: Get tons of amateur and professional videos in the IT arena and beyond. Current choices include The Hipster Institute of Technology.

    80. TechEBlog: Get the latest news in gadgets and technology by visiting this regularly updated blog. A recent entry pitted a Porsche against a Boeing 747.

    81. Snopes: Turn on your pop up blocker to check out this site with the latest and most hilarious in urban legends. IT lovers can choose subjects such as computers, science, and others.

    82. Sodaplay: Check out the various models created by IT lovers, free to play with. You can even create your own.

Top Informative IT Industry Blogs

Need to brush up on a single or several aspects of IT or just show off the latest hack? Then check out these sites for IT lovers.

    83. HowStuffWorks: Ever wonder how advanced pieces of technology work? Then stop here for a simple explanation of computers, Bluetooth tech, and much more.

    84. TechStuff: A blog by the above site, it focuses exclusively on technology. In addition to the posts, you can also get videos and podcasts.

    85. Ars Technica: In addition to guides, you can also get news and reviews on this site. Popular entries include the 60GB PS3, DRM, and weird science.

    86. All Things D: Check out this blog for news and opinion on the digital revolution. A recent entry was on the Hummer of cellphones.

    87. Mashable: Need the latest info on how to utilize that iPhone or Twitter account? Then stop here for a ton of expert approved applications and tutorials on the latest in tech.

    88. WhatIs: Check out this site for an online version of a tech dictionary and IT encyclopedia. They also have an impressive learning center with various subjects and Word Of The Day.

    89. Cult of Mac: Just purchase a new Apple product? Then visit here to get help with products such as the iMac, iPod, and iPhone.

Top IT Industry Gadget Blogs

Get the latest in releases, reviews, and more from the IT industry’s gadgets with these blogs.

    90. Gizmodo: With several updates a day, this is a one stop site for the latest in IT gadget news. See which gadgets make the cut and which don’t with a simple read.

    91. Engadget: Get breaking news on new IT products in every area here. They also feature stories on gadgets such as cameras, phones, and televisions.

    92. Boing Boing: Get information on the latest and best in gadgets here. You can also get funny tech related videos and news.

    93. Technology News and Gadget Reviews: Sponsored by “T3” magazine, this site also has videos and competitions for gadget lovers. Reviews are done on a five star system, and current leaders include Snow Leopard and the LG Chocolate.

    94. Gadget Review: Get reviews for popular and upcoming gadgets here. The latest are on a free charger for USB gizmos and the Samsung OLED laptop.

    95. Gadget Madness: This blog is different in that in not only reviews gadgets but alleged deals on the gadgets. Movies and video games are also reviewed.

    96. Ubergizmo: Get occasional posts on deals as well on this blog. It also reviews popular products such as GPS, phones, and cameras.

Top IT Industry Single Gadget Blogs

These blogs focus on a single IT gadget or arena of gadgets.

    97. LAPTOP Blog: A must have piece of equipment for IT, get news and reviews for all laptops on this blog. There are also buying guides, tips, best deals, and info on mobile life.

    98. Phone Scoop: Need a new mobile phone? Then check out this blog for the latest in news and reviews to help you choose the best.

    99. The iPhone Blog: One of the most popular IT gadgets in recent history, this blog is entirely devoted to it. It contains reviews, podcasts, how to’s, and much more.

    100. Amazon Kindle’s Blog: Another great gadget for IT professionals who love to read, Amazon has a special section for it. Get the latest in releases available, uses, and even free stuff.

Whether entering your studies or sitting in a corner office, there are many valuable information technology items to be read or heard on these top 100 IT industry blogs. They are especially useful for buying, programming, hacking, having fun, and much more.